Alternative Outdoor Education Provision for Children and Young Adults

Our programmes

We pride ourselves on being able to provide all of the following programmes on school grounds which reduces the impact to the school timetable, reduces transport costs, reduces logistical arrangements, makes a child's time in school more enjoyable and helps develop a child's relationship with school staff.

One-to-one Programmes

Intensive programmes servicing the needs of individuals on inspiring 1-1 programmes.

Early intervention

High impact small group programmes designed to target students at risk of falling out of the mainstream education system.

Curriculum enrichment

Using outdoor activities to reinforce in-school learning; for full classes; or classes can be combined to make larger groups.

Forest School

Short or long term courses designed to benefit the whole child and encourage emotional intelligence and overall well being.

Nurture Group

The Nurture Group gives selected individuals an opportunity to gain more time, space and attention away from the distractions of the classroom.


Activity days and camps for Young Carers or Looked After Children. Respite days or camps give these young people an opportunity to get a change of scene away from the daily routine.


Overnight micro-adventures (12 hours), to 24 hours camps or multi-day activities.

Wild Ways

Wild Ways is the recreational side of In Our Element. A variety of exciting and enriching activities are offered for young people and adults, at your site.

About us

Our mission is to connect with, believe in and empower young people; transforming lives with meaningful, practical and creative interventions. In Our Element is a small scale not for profit organisation offering quality enriching and engaging educational programmes.
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Martyn Griffiths

Martyn is our bushcraft and outdoor provision expert. Formally trained in bushcraft and primitive skills, with a BSc in Environmental Science and PGDip in Conservation and Project Management.
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Nicky Barnes

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Nicky Dennis

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Mandy Warwick