1-1 programmes

October 10, 2016

Timings – Minimum of 2 hour sessions, but they can be anything up to 5 hours, including lunch.


Duration – Short-term / long-term/ ongoing programmes, with a minimum programme length of 9 weeks. Taster sessions are available.

Location – School grounds, community space, our private woodland or home setting.

The 1-1 programmes are a high impact entirely student led programme with the aim of addressing a young person’s needs so that they are better able to access learning. These programmes work well for children still in school but at risk of permanent exclusion, for children in transition between schools or as part of an off-site alternative package of programmes for children not attending school.

Programmes are taught in a practical way with an exchange of skills and knowledge in order to increase self-esteem and confidence. Ultimately resilience will be further developed so that the young person is able to deal with unpredictable life events at school, or in life in general.

Activities include environmental education, heritage crafts, countryside stewardship, forestry, gardening, landscaping, healthy eating, campfire cooking, bush craft skills, mindfulness, games and crafts.

img_0625Monitoring learning and progression – We have developed our own system of daily reporting where students are assessed on their Effort, Behaviour, Engagement and Support for Others. These indicators are marked on a scale of 0 – 4, which when totalled will give an overall grade for their day. These scores can be tabulated and plotted on a graph to show overall trends, strengths or areas for improvement.

Students can work towards modular qualifications under AQA Unit Award Scheme . This will accredit the learning taking place and skills being developed. These awards are from Pre-Entry Level to Level 3.

 Reporting – Individual reporting takes place at the end of each session, with future plans always being shared with the school before the next session takes place.

What they’re saying…

“Rhiannon’s sessions are the highlight of our week. She has such a natural, authentic connection with my children, and is completely responsive to their needs. Her flexibility, patience and sense of fun are much appreciated by us all, and have enabled the children to access learning and experience success again after a very long time out of formal education. It is sometimes said that the antidote to anxiety is trust, and Rhiannon’s intuitive approach has certainly provided that at a time when it was desperately needed. The positive impact on the kids’ mental health (and my own) is not to be underestimated. Thank you.”

– Mother of children on 2-1 programme.

“As a school we have used IOE over the last academic year to work with some of our most difficult to reach young people. The instructors are amazing at creating stimulating engaging activities that are tailored to each student’s individual needs.  They are extremely reliable and adaptable and have worked tirelessly to support our students during the difficult Covid period.” 

Keely Ewart-Brookes, School Leader Inclusion, The Henry Box School, Witney.

“We used In Our Element to support a student who was unable to attend mainstream lessons with an alternative provision allowing him to access learning in a different setting. Rhiannon and Martyn worked really collaboratively with us in the initial set up of the placement and since it began Rhiannon has worked with the student and his family to create a bespoke and tailored provision suitable for his needs. We have been really impressed and grateful to the team in enabling our student to access learning in a different way. The provision has been expertly tailored to him and has been hugely beneficial. I would highly recommend using In Our Element and will definitely seek their help in the future with other students.”

Jessie Shakespeare, Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion), The Swan School, Oxford.