Our Programmes

October 6, 2016

in-our-element-group-programmesOur programmes are designed to offer quality enriching and engaging educational activities, either at your premises or at one of our sites.

Our approach is psychologically informed and based on therapeutic practical activities and our staff are professionally trained with a wide variety of relevant background skills and qualifications. Being registered with AQA we are able to deliver their Unit Award Scheme.

  • Curriculum enrichment = specifically tailored sessions to reinforce learning and link with the National Curriculum, for example Stone Age days.
  • Early intervention = high impact small group programmes designed to target students at risk of falling out of the mainstream education system.
  • Re-engagement = intensive programmes servicing the needs of individuals on inspiring 1-1 programmes.
  • Respite = activity days and camps for Young Carers or Looked After Children.
  • Wild Ways Club’ = our popular after school club which can be delivered on your site.

Activities can cover woodland craft skills, bushcraft, survival, horticulture, countryside stewardship, wood working, growing food, cooking, healthy eating, ecology, environmental education, animal care, team building, leadership, archery, climbing, mindfulness , meditation, music, arts and crafts.