October 10, 2016

Group size – For individuals or groups up to around 30.

Timings – Minimum 2 hour sessions, however full days are preferred. Other programme timings can be explored including camps or multi-day activities.

Duration – Taster sessions, stand alone days, 4/ 6/ 12 week, or long term/ ongoing.

There is a huge number of young people who have daily struggles and pressures put on them that are more common place for people far beyond their years. These young people have to deal with a variety of unexpected events, sometimes having to take on a lot more responsibility compared with some of their peers.

respite-in-our-elementOther young people don’t always get the best start in life and just need a bit more care and support to work through previous experiences. This can be for a number of reasons including having young carers’ responsibilities, having to deal with a bereavement in the family, or being a looked after child in full time care needing additional support in holidays.

Respite days or camps give these young people an opportunity to get a change of scene away from the daily routine. They will take great pleasure from having time to play, socialise with other young people in similar situations, to relax and be themselves.

We can run these sessions in most locations including schools, community group space, or we can host groups wanting to use our woodland space. We can offer with minimal input from our leaders other than cooking food for example, or we can facilitate complete days or camps for any referrer.

 What they’re saying…

“The young carers group had such a wonderful time – thank you so much!! They all thought the day and leaders were great! We’re definitely keen to do more days – they absolutely loved it all. One of the things I was most surprised by was how much the older group loved the chase games at the end. I guess they don’t have the chance to do that sort of thing now they are teenagers.”

– Carly Buckingham, Young Carers Support Worker, Be Free Young Carers, Didcot.