Nurture Group

October 19, 2016


Group size – For small groups from 2 to 8 children.

 Timings – Minimum 1.5 hour sessions starting in the morning or afternoon, however other programme timings can be explored to fit into the school timetable.

 Duration – Taster sessions, 4/ 6/ 12 week, or long term/ ongoing.

The Nurture Group aims to give selected individuals an opportunity to gain more time, space and attention away from the distractions of the classroom. The programme will involve student led outdoor sessions capturing the calming effect of the natural environment. Activities will be nature based including woodland crafts, environmental art, team building challenges, wide games and ecological studies.

Individuals will develop social skills and learn new practical skills which ultimately will help them grow in confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance. The small group will help create a safe space where each person’s needs are supported and they are guided by a firm, but fair male role model. There will also be opportunities for self-reflection in order to expand self-awareness.

The overarching objective is for the children’s emotional well-being to grow whilst building resilience. This will be through achieving numerous small, but realistic challenges giving them the skills to be better able to deal with unpredictable events at school, and life in general.


nurture-group-in-our-elementMonitoring learning and progression – We have developed our own system of daily reporting where students are assessed on their Effort, Behaviour, Engagement and Support for Others.

These indicators are marked on a scale of 0 – 4, which when totalled will give an overall grade for their day. These scores are then tabulated and plotted on a graph to show overall trends, strengths or areas for improvement.

What they’re saying…

“We are truly delighted with our children’s response to our outdoor Nurture Group. It’s supporting our school improvement work on developing emotional resilience and we’ve seen a positive impact after just a few weeks. The current group are a wide ranging bunch with a variety of fragilities. The pupil evaluations are really affirming and the children gained a lot in a short space of time. I am convinced by this way of working and we look forward to the next group’s development”.

-Liz Burton, Headteacher, Saint Mary and Saint John Primary School.