Curriculum Enrichment.

October 10, 2016

curriculum-enrichment-in-our-elementGroup size – For full classes; or classes can be combined to make larger groups.

 Timings – Minimum of 2 hour sessions, however longer timings are available.

 Duration – Can be stand alone sessions, short term (4 – 12 week), or long term/ ongoing.

The outdoors can be a great place to reinforce classroom learning in a more practical way, this means points of learning can be further explored and reiterated. Sessions are more inclusive and help cater to the needs of those more practical and creative learners within classes.

Various bespoke and tailored days can be offered to local schools and where possible these are linked to the National Curriculum. Functional skills are also embedded into days covering any of our various activity themes. Themes of activities can include team building challenges, leadership, decision making, bushcraft and survival, geography, field study skills, navigation, environmental education, ecology, primitive skills and technologies, growing and cooking food. We have a range of skills and experience within the staff team, so please don’t hesitate to make suggestions of other themes you may want to explore.

Small groups

  • in-our-element-boosting-gradesShort and long term programmes
  • Group size: 3-5 people
  • Key skills: re-engagement through practical and creative activities

The small groups short/long term programmes are designed for groups of 3 – 5 young people and is aimed at developing group skills whilst re-engaging students with learning in a more practical and creative way.

Themes are similar to that of the Early Intervention programmes, but the programme is tailored for individuals presenting more challenging behaviours; hence the higher staff-student ratio.

Informal groups

  • 2-3 days a week
  • Group size: staff to student ration 1:3
  • Key skills: vocational work experience, practical skills, hands on activities

This is an informal group of young people where the staff: student ratio is on average 1:3.

This service could be available 2/3 days a week and their task is to learn practical skills whilst working alongside other students and staff.

Activities are more vocational introducing students to skills related to practical conservation, site related maintenance jobs, construction skills, alternative building methods, renewable energy, woodland management, animal care and husbandry.

There will be an element of work experience where the group may go out to help out with the management of other public/private outdoor parks/estates.

School groups

  • Curriculum Enrichment, Leadership, Adventure Days

Various bespoke and tailored days can be offered to local schools and where possible these can be linked to the National Curriculum.

We will embed functional skills for days covering any of our various activity themes.

What they’re saying…

“My year 4 class absolutely loved their Curriculum Enrichment sessions with In Our Element and it became a real highlight of the week. The sessions were engaging, well organised and took into consideration the needs of all the children in the class. There were a really interesting range of activities throughout the term in which children gained lots of valuable skills and knowledge.  I particularly liked the fact that lesson plans were sent ahead of time as it gave me a good insight into what the sessions would entail. I would highly recommend In Our Element to any school.”                                      -Samuel Coleman, Year 4 Teacher at Saint Mary and Saint John School, Oxford.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank In Our element for their hard work and professionalism; and for sharing their wide knowledge of the outdoors, with both staff and children, at our annual Year 5 Hill End Trip. The children really enjoyed the sessions, all of which were appropriately challenging, engaging and fun.

“The children particularly enjoyed lighting fires and making nettle soup! They were encouraged to take risks and develop their self-confidence and became very motivated as they worked co-operatively and purposefully to make dens; successful outcomes about which they were rightfully proud. All the children enjoyed a huge sense of achievement and pride in a very safe environment.”                                                                                          -Sarah Blackwell, Upper School Lead