October 19, 2016

Nurture Group, October 2016

“We are truly delighted with our children’s response to our outdoor Nurture Group. It’s supporting our school improvement work on developing emotional resilience and we’ve seen a positive impact after just a few weeks. The current group are a wide ranging bunch with a variety of fragilities. The pupil evaluations are really affirming and the children gained a lot in a short space of time. I am convinced by this way of working and we look forward to the next group’s development”.

-Liz Burton, Headteacher, Saint Mary and Saint John Primary School.

Wild Ways Birthday Party

November 2015

“I liked the archery because I liked popping balloons”.

“This day is really fun and exciting. I really loved the party and hope lots of people will enjoy this day”.

“It was great. 10/10. So much fun. I loved making fire”.

“I really enjoyed this afternoon because I learnt how to make a fire and cook on it with Ben”.

“I really enjoyed everything about today. I was never bored and was always having fun. All activities were great”.

“I really loved Blake’s bushcraft party, especially the cooking. It was really fun having this experience in the wild. I think this would be a great school for surviving in the wild”.

“I liked making burgers. We could have played ‘it’. I like the games”.

“I think that everything was planned out amazingly and the activities were really fun and you have endless possibilities”.

Parents of children on Wild Ways activity days

Summer 2016

‘The boys came back filthy, happy and full of stories of their day.   Excellent stuff and highly recommended.’  Sara (mum of two, 12 & 9)

“Wild ways is fantastic; every evening my children came home grubby, smelling of wood smoke and could not wait to go back again the next day. They absolutely loved it.” (mum of two, 9 and 7)

“Taking part in Wild Ways both as an after school activity and on a week long course in the summer holidays has been the most positive experience for my son. The benefits of spending time in nature and the learning from the engaging, practical  activities have been so apparent, not least in relation to confidence and self esteem.  Thank you Wild Ways for running such thoughtfully designed activities in such a lovely manner  – you are making a real difference”. (Mum of 9 year old)


In Our Element – Forest Schools Programme for Parklands Campus

Action for Children, Term 6 2015-16

” Martyn was engaged by us to deliver Forest Schools to a number of students from ages 11 to 17. These students had complex SEMH and ASD. Martyn occupied the students with engaging and varied activities for up to a full day. The students were able to gain accreditation for their work. Martyn was able to lee their interest and develop their skills in a positive way. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his company for the rewarding activity that is ‘ Forest Schools’.

-Sean Cannon, Principal at Parklands Campus, Action for Children.


Outdoor Education programme

Saint Mary and Saint John School, 2015-16

“My year 4 class absolutely loved their outdoor ed sessions with Martyn and it became a real highlight of the week. The sessions were engaging, well organised and took into consideration the needs of all the children in the class. There were a really interesting range of activities throughout the term in which children gained lots of valuable skills and knowledge.  I particularly liked the fact that Martyn sent the lesson plans ahead of time as it gave me a good insight into what the sessions would entail. I would highly recommend Wild ways to any school”.

-Samuel Coleman, Year 4 Teacher.


Bushcraft and Survival Challenge Day

Saint Mary and Saint John 2015-2016
“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Martyn Griffiths for his hard work and professionalism and for sharing his wide knowledge of the outdoors, with both staff and children, at our annual Year 5 Hill End Trip. The children really enjoyed the sessions, all of which were appropriately challenging, engaging and fun. The children particularly enjoyed lighting fires and making nettle soup! They were encouraged to take risks and develop their self-confidence and became very motivated as they worked co-operatively and purposefully to make dens; successful outcomes about which they were rightfully proud. All the children enjoyed a huge sense of achievement and pride in a very safe environment”.

-Sarah Blackwell, Upper School Lead


Wild Ways After School Club

Saint Mary and Saint John Term 3 2015-16

“I liked wild ways. I’d think it would be good for any child. Martyn is great”.

“Wild Ways is brilliant, epic, awesome and I recommend it to anyone.”

“Wild Ways is a great club. I recommend it to everyone. I like making dens, fires and cooking marshmallows. It is good  for survival.”

“Wild ways is a great club for people who want to learn about survival”.

“Wild Ways is an amazing club and I recommend it to any kid in the world.”

“At wild ways we make our own theme park”.

“I like wild ways because it has lots of adventure”.

“I loved it.  Wild ways, everyone should do it!”

“I believe wild ways is great also brilliant”.


Wild Ways Bushcraft and Survival Week

25-29th July 2016

“I enjoyed Wild Ways because we learnt survival stuff.”

“I like fire lighting”.

“I really enjoyed it and my favourite thing was axing and fire lighting”.

“I came all 5 days (on the bushcraft week). Every day was awesome…” and Linus was crazy!

“I really enjoyed EVERYTHING! It was epic!”

‘It was really, really good and fun’

‘My best bit was the axes, because I like cutting wood’

“Wild ways is very very good and lots of fun”