Programme themes

October 10, 2016

Activity themes will be centred on more practical and creative ways to learn whilst utilising our more outdoor and alternative settings. Main themes will be:

  • outdoor education
  • woodland craft skills
  • bushcraft
  • survival
  • expeditions
  • primitive skills and technologies
  • archery
  • climbing and adventurous activities
  • making music and music technology
  • creating expressive art and sculpture
  • heritage crafts
  • healthy eating
  • cooking and catering
  • horticulture, carpentry
  • mindfulness and meditation
  • environmental studies,
  • animal care and husbandry
  • practical conservation
  • countryside stewardship
  • maintenance work.

Entrepreneurial skills will be encouraged throughout various programmes with the hope students will get involved with the sale of produced craft items, food and produce, firewood etc. This will encourage valuable skills involved within business whilst also bringing in money to help with the daily running of the centre